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Betty Eastland is an interdisciplinary artist, social worker, healer, mental health and social policy expert, writer and an avid naturalist. Betty draws inspiration from her Irish and Syrian heritage and the life she has lived in the city and rural places among those often disavowed from society. She practices foraging and hand dying fabric and fibers, weaving, painting, installation and participatory community work throughout New York State.    


Betty is a graduate of Silberman School of Social Work where she studied Mental Health Practice and Policy.  Betty earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Hunter College, with a focus on painting and installation. 

Awards & Nominations:

Betty Eastland was the Conrad Hilton Humanitarian Prize Speaker for Fountain House in 2014. She is a 4 time Kossak Painting Fellow.  She was awarded the Sydney Baer Reentry Scholarship and received NY State Recognition for Disability Rights Activism. 

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